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My Goldie Online

We have been very happy to launch our new online store: My Goldie; the best and most affordable store for golden retriever and dog related merchandise! Though we have just started, we are still looking at ways to improve our store, and of course, your experience shopping with us.

In this blog we are just going to discuss some of the newer and better changes we will be making. Our number one priority is you, and we want to make sure that you are only getting the best. This is just some of the things to look forward to:

1. Building a community

Though our blog posts are boring now (we must admit, this is not the most fun blog post), we are going to be posting better content for you soon! Look forward to golden retriever posts, latest dog-related news, new items from our store, competitions, and much more!

We're also hoping that you will join us on this journey! We would love for you to email us your dog experiences, how you got to know your dog, photos and videos of your dog using our pet supplies/toys or you wearing our merch. This is a great way for us to start building a community and get to know you better! 

2. Active social media presence

We are on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @mygoldieonline, and are going to post cute golden retriever pictures for you at least once a day! Plus, you can keep updated on some of the sales and new items coming into store. The best part about this is that you're able to reach us easily and get a quick response from one of our friendly team members! 

3. More items

Our store may be small now, but we are looking to expand with more items for you! We're looking into more golden retriever items such as more phone cases, mugs, necklaces, bracelets, printed canvas paintings, and more. You'll just have to follow us to keep updated. We want to introduce a wider array of items for you to choose from, and it's all happening very soon!

4. Customer reviews

We are so proud to introduce customer reviews! We know how hard it is to choose the perfect item for you and your dog, and want to make it easier for you by introducing customer reviews. Here you can read their feedback and see their star-rating and decide whether an item is perfect for you. You could also help as well but adding your own review after receiving your order to help future customers with their decision.

We asked members of our prelaunch party to review some of the products they have received so newer customers are able to see what type of items as well as how good the items are going to be! Here are just a few of the reviews so far:

More reviews will be added soon after we receive the rest of the feedback. Some items will not have feedback yet, so be one of the first to review! 

5. Currency exchange

Right now our prices are set to USD, which means that all the prices you view are in USD, and when you pay then will they be converted to your nation's currency. We know it's not always easy determining how much something costs when it is not in your country's currency, so by 15 March 2018, we are hoping to implement a currency exchanger to make it easier for you!

The five currencies we will have available for you to view will be: United States Dollar (USD), European Dollar (EURO), Great British Pound (GBP), Canadian Dollar (CAD) and Australian Dollar (AUD). If your currency is not mentioned, we recommend using USD for now as it is the world's currency. However, in the near future we are looking towards adding 168 of the world's different currencies so it is better tailored to you.

Those are just some of the improvements to our store that you can look forward to. Of course, we already have quick response rates (within 24 hours), free worldwide delivery, affordable prices, great quality products and a friendly team that are always willing to help. We are always looking into making the experience better for you, and we hope that you continue following us and become part of our community.


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